The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


lol Kane has been horrible


Why are fans booing Sterling?


I expected more from Pep today.

Is he trying to kill the game?


Mendy is a lucky boy haha


Pure idiocy.

if Lamela was a coupe of inches back he would’ve fallen down like a sack of shit and that’s a red.




We are 4th alone! Fuck Spurs and fuck that fat Pocho :unai:. Shit game though.


Got to hand it to them. They really put the pressure on there. :joy:


Liverpool have absolutely no chance of winning the league. Manchester City are just class


The difference between the two Manchester clubs

Man City GD = +24
Man United GD = 0



or maybe because we will be winning the league :henry2:


Of course, King :unai: to take us to the promise land :kos2:


City 8-2-0 with Arsenal, Liverpool & Spurs away from home out of the way.


They’ll go unbeaten. I’m beginning to hate them


No chance.


When was the last time we had 3 unbeaten teams after 10 games ?


They won’t.


Nobody will go unbeaten for a long long time


Poch is blaming the bobble for Lamela missing his chance and getting the draw.

Fuck off :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: