The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Nights like this make you realise how tinpot they look haha

By the way how good does Silva look tonight? Different class on the ball


Kane with an NFL tackle and no yellow.


Without that heavy touch by Kane that would’ve been a goal


Showing exactly how much of a shambles they are as a club.

Complete joke lol.


Which one? They both looking different class tonight!


Who’s doing the halftime show? Fingers crossed for Justin Timberlake :crossed_fingers:


Leicester City v Manchester United was a very late Saturday PM kick-off as well (although that was shoehorned in because if they played a day later, it would have been Christmas Eve!)


You can see how important Eriksen is.

He should be on Kane money no question, doesn’t click in the final third without him.


I meant David Silva but both are looking class agreed


Sissoko is still wank I see


He was shit, bring back the king MJ imo


City need to stop messing around and kill the game off.


Yeah their wide receivers need to get another goal


Lloris at it again :joy:


How is that not a yellow for Dier the waster?

City are not at their best, they need to make it 2-0 very soon.


These refs are so shit.

I knew it would be a City player to get booked first.




Spurs got FA in their pocket


And they are still shit :arteta:


Another yellow for a City player :xhaka: