The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


People say they seen Pellegrini ask him to warm up and he shook his head


Surely he must not feel right or something? You don’t just refuse to warm up because you can’t be fucked! And he hasn’t achieved enough to justify acting like a massive dick!


Carlos Sanchez is awful, truly so.


Everton showing to be a typical Silva team: clueless at defending.


That’s a bit harsh, their defence has been makeshift all season.

They still haven’t got Mina in and Coleman is out too.


Incredible how Everton didn’t score here!


That was a quality ball from Digne.

Niasse had to bury it.


Quality win for West Ham. Sooner or later they had to improve.


Good match and nice to see Pellegrini finally with some points on the board.


Outside the top 6 your not gonna get a better front 3 than Anderson Arnautovic Yarmolenko


I’ve got a lot of time for Pellegrini so would be happy to see him do well at West Ham.


Everton were all hype before the season, if we don’t beat them next weekend I’ll be astonished


Ok we should be beating Everton at home next weekend, it seems they are up to their usual tricks.


Southampton-Brighton today.



Jade approves it :wink: :xhaka:


Ha. I don’t even need to say much anymore, the facts speak for themselves. Giroud makes everything better :sunglasses:


I know what you mean :henry2: :hipster:


Southampton attacking, but can’t find a way through.


Couldn’t think of 2 more boring clubs in the PL to put on a Monday night :roll_eyes: