The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


What the logic for United falling off?


Chelsea will come good under Sarri imo


Perhaps, if he’s given time but that’s always the question with Chelsea…


They don’t depth and the players atm though.


Do Spurs really look strong? Genuine question. I haven’t seen much of their pre season. But with key players missing the start of the season, zero signings and Alderweireld looking likely to sign for Man United, plus, the challenge of being in a new stadium – i’d personally have more question marks over them than Chelsea at this stage.


Jorginho looks too slow for the Premier League.


I have no idea about current form, but they were far above us last year and I don’t think have lost anyone… their defense is perhaps best in league and they have best striker and a very good supporting cast in Eriksen, Son, Wanyama/Dier, Lamela/Moura, and of course the cunt Alli… if Kane gets injured long-term, I see problems for them, but they are a very solid squad from the back and have great organization and system under Poch.

Don’t sleep on Spurs yet. They finished 14 points above us… if we improve by 12, I can still see them above us again. I reckon we really need to challenge 80+ to overtake them and that would be massive improvement (not impossible mind you).


Gundogan on for Sanè.


It’s OK to be slow but you can’t be clumsy and prone to idiocy.

Unlike Xhaka he’s typically neither.


Maybe, but last season, they only let in 2 fewer goals than Liverpool – whose defence was often ridiculed. Plus they’re losing one of the best parts of that defence anyway.

But anyway. I’m not sleeping on Spurs. I just think there are enough doubts over them to suggest they don’t deserve to be placed in a higher basket than Chelsea or Man Uuited. Especially given the latter finished above them last season and have strengthened more (even if they do have a lunatic for a manager)


LOLLLLLL! Aguero with a good bottling job here.
Chelsea about to collapse.




Who are they losing? I completely missed that… as to their last year defensive form, didn’t they have 2 of their key defenders injured for long stretches last year as well?


Arsenal >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Chelsea
William and Drinkwater on for Chelsea.
Mahrez close to the 3-0. Chelsea can’t wait for the game to end.


Chelsea look dire.

Sarri not Sarri


Well at least City won’t win the league now.


Morata is finally off.
Aguero close to the hattrick.
Chelsea have given up. City close to the 3-0 again.
Emery in the stand :unai:


God I completely forgot they got Mahrez as well… FFS they are loaded.


A lot more proactive than wenger, only reason wenger would visit a game is if we are buying a player from them. Seems like he would be scouting for tactics against Pep.


It’s really just optics. He gets no better understanding at the stadium than Wenger would have gotten from watching a similar game from home/a tv studio.