The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


It’s a 6 team league that we finished bottom of.


Basically Chelsea-City is just gonna be the clash of the “B-teams” today.


Is it? Chelsea have basically went through all preseason games with their best available players.


Both quite strong tbf


A few key injuries to both teams would do well :poldi:


Footy is back :grin:


FUCK OFF BALD CUNT! I read wrong line-up this morning. What a cunt he is!


What a fucker Guardiola is for tricking the media.


Great start from start.


What I’d give to have Sane in our 11


Chelsea looking pretty crap atm. They can’t get out from their own half.
Poor from Aguero here.


Chelsea so so poor.

Sarri sacked in December.


Love how both teams are pressing the shit out of each other.


Golazo! Great finish from Aguero!


Is it Chelsea really poor or are City just that good?


Both. Chelsea need some players to play the football Sarri wants.


Mcmanaman is unbearable :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Sanè misses the 2-0.
Morata :arteta:


I like the drink breaks - gives me the chance to go get a drink too. Sitting around in the sun is exhausting work :smile:


Bravo still shaky. Chance for Hudson-Odoi.
1-0 City at HT. Not a great game. Chelsea look fucking crap.


Yeah I think Chelsea and ManU are in for rough year… I reckon we have a very reasonable shot at 4th if this happens, and maybe sneak 3rd… to me Pool and City look the strongest with Spurs next.