The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


He defiantly should IMO, I think he’s achieved all he possibly can at the Rent Boys, should probably move to Real Madrid or something.


How many players has it been suggested or predicted “they’ll go to Real Madrid” or “they should go to Barca”

I mean, yeah, sure, there will be some movement in the window and some big players will move, but Madrid and Barca can’t and won’t buy every single decent player

Personally, I think Hazard will stay – though that’s dependent on who the next manager is.


The Tottenham-Leicester game sounds amazing haha


1-0 Palace

4-4 Leicester! :rofl:

1-1 Bournemouth. Well-taken goal!

Klaim at it again. Crazy game!

2-1 Everton as well

2-0 Palace

Liverpool running riot. 4-0! 3-1 West Ham as well.

4-0 Liverpool

3-1 West Ham. Wow!


Be a poor choice on his behalf to stay imo, no Champions League football & Chelsea need lots of investment to compete with Manchester City.




What went wrong with Conte at Chelsea?


Trophies - 0


i really hope that chavski starts being a spent force. After a while no top manager will wanna go there and no players either, they dont look as dangerous as they used to, just annoying more than anything now.


Lol! Nice one Calum! :rofl:


Ahhh Man City reached 100 points in the 95th minute!

Some achievement.


1-0 Jesus. Nice goal. Bournemouth up as well.

1-0 City

2-1 Bournemouth


Final verdicts

Champions: Manchester City
Champions League: Manchester United, Tottenham and Liverpol
Europa League: Chelsea, Arsenal and Burnley
Relegated: Swansea City, Stoke City and WBA


Burnley must be buzzing for Europa. Dyche has done a fantastic job there. Fair play :clap:

City, no words. Pep has got them playing incredibly this season. 100 points isn’t a joke. Despite the money, you still need to get a group of players playing your way with full intensity and he’s mastered it.


Didn’t they get Europa a few seasons back through Fair Play?


Don’t know tbh. Still a great finishing position from them. Basically better than the rest.


No. I think they were in a position to. But only a few countries qualified for a fair play place and England dropped out of the top 3, meaning Burnley didn’t get it




Every team from seven down ended up with a minus goal difference this season.