The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread



Most punchable pundit. Arsenal player or not he is a fkin bellend. Must be on the crack pipe.


Merson is the textbook bloke down the pub pundit. You get absolutely no sense that he used to be a very good professional footballer.

I won’t lie, I find something quite charming about it.


I don’t mind Merson.
He was a great footballer but as a pundit he is paid to say what he thinks, and he has to think on his feet, which isn’t one of his strong points.


I don’t think you needed the “on his feet” part :grin:


How good was he as a player?




He was one of the few flair players in the Graham team and also played for England a few times and usually played pretty well when he did.

He could have been even better if he hadn’t have been a drinker and drug user but there were plenty of others in that team that liked a drink as well.


Oh, there were a lot of highs… in more ways than one… :laughing:

I was too young to remember his playing career at Arsenal. But have watched stuff back and read things. By all accounts he was rated highly. Fantastic touch. And scored some good goals


Oh man that chip


Salah the record breaker.

What a season.


Leicester up against Tottenumb.

Klaim equalizes for Tottenham

Swansea up. Still difficult they are gonna stay up though.

Leicester up again.

Newcastle up against Chelsea.

Liverpool take the lead against Brighton.

1-1 Stoke

1-0 United with Rashford

West Ham score

1-0 Burnley, 2-0 Liverpool and 2-1 Stoke.

1-0 Burnley

2-0 Liverpool

2-1 Stoke


So, hang on, does this mean that the goal Harry Kane made so much fuss about means absolutely nothing? That he swore on his daughter’s life for absolutely nothing? That he made himself a laughing stock for absolutely nothing?

Who saw that one coming?!


Chelsea :rofl:


3-1 Leicester. Golazo!

3-2 Tottenham

3-3 Tottenham

3-0 Liverpool. Another great goal!

2-0 Newcastle

Tottenham up now lol!

3-0 Newcastle as well

2-0 West Ham. Some superb goals today!


whats happened to chavski being trounced by newcastle


They have just given up. It’s as simple as that.


Chelsea haven’t won at Newcastle for ages. Lost 4 of their last 5 and drew the other


This Chelsea team is just poor, they really aren’t that much better than us.


Wonder if Hazard will finally leave