The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


first time i have seen anyone upset with chavski being behind.


Wagner should get knighted for keeping Huddersfield up.

Huge achievement.


Chelsea win Spurs drop more points. Good chance the spuds are in Europa!


Mainly want Chelsea to win so that this weekend is not a total drab fest! Everything will be decided if it stays as is


We’ve had a rough season but Chelsea getting their fans hope up and then losing to Huddersfield is torture haha


Comical equalizer for Chelsea lol!


Why don’t people want Huddersfield to stay up?!


No,we just want the Scums in the Europa League with us.


Who said that? We want Chelsea to win so they get 4th over the scum


It’s not personal. It’s business :sunglasses:

Spurs are winning now though. Boo.


Ah I see!


FFS Rafa!

Harry Klaim :gabriel: @LordBendtner


I couldn’t care less who’s in the CL out of the 2, both absolute filth.


ffs. Knowing him well he will probably claim this goal.


Huddersfield are not pretty to watch.

Tactics: hoof the ball as far up the field as you can


The british media love it!


3-1 City


Gee thanks for this notification BBC sport.

Pricks! :neutral_face:


Henry Klaim can claim it now!


Liverpool just need a point at home on the final day to secure the the 4th & Final spot.