The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Sometimes you appreciate that a terrible season is facing the prospect of finishing 18th rather than 8th, and that finishing 6th instead of 4th is really not so bad in comparison because it still gives you the chance to finish 4th or better next year. If you’re relegated you’re fighting to spend a year to get yourself back to the bottom of the PL.


Mate Sacchi, Mourinho and Conte have all finished 10th in their careers something Wenger has never done at Arsenal in over 20 years.

Puts things into perspective imo


Conte never finished 10th with a good team though lol


What does this tell us though?


I’d like Southampton to stay up. They are a decent club with one of the best academies around. Great for football in this country and would be wasted in the Championship.

Swansea couldn’t give a fuck about.


Yup, don’t umderstamd why people wanted Southampton to go down when they are one of the better clubs we have in PL.
Presence of Mark Hughes shouldn’t belittle what Southampton has brought to table since their promotion.

They provided us with quality players, quality managers and only this season they moved away from that.


Southampton left a review after their hotel booking was cancelled :laughing:


C’mon Newcastle today!


Not planning to return anytime soon :mustafi:


I’d kinda like Huddersfield to stay up, so really if it comes down to them needing a point or whatever against us, I hope they do it. Even taking into account Big Weng’s last game :smile:


If it has to be someone it should be Swansea. It used to be a club I admired for their football (even if we were on the wrong end of it more than we should have been) and ability to bring in players for their style and coaches too - but it’s been going downhill for a while now and when you look at all teams above them they deserve to survive more than Swansea do.

A team like Huddersfield is still new and maybe has something better to achieve in the future in the PL but I can’t see Swansea having any kind of turnaround so they might as well just go now.


This is a good article on Swansea

They’ve lost their indentity and won’t be missed


I’ll miss them. I like Carvalhal. Would rather Huddersfield go down to be honest.


1-0 City against Brighton. Danilo.


Not expecting any Chelsea goals until King Olly comes on :sunglasses:


1-1 Brighton

2-1 Bernardo


1-0 Huddersfield.




ffs Chelsea


Lol Chelsea