The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


He said after on Sky he’s good friends with him


Chelsea’s GD might end up costing them a CL spot.


So who do we want to go down today? Swansea or Southampton?



Come on the draw!


Any club that is managed by Mark Hughes.

Taking two PL clubs down in the same season would be quite something to put on his CV.
Yet he will still keep getting other clubs offer him a job.


WBA would need a miracle to stay up at this point, tbh.


All they need is a draw tonight, Swansea and Southampton to both lose at the weekend and a slight goal swing.

Don’t be negative. IT CAN BE DONE!!!

I want to witness the greatest escape since three men managed to get out of “escape proof” Alcatraz!


Should be a cracking game tonight!


Hoping the scum miss out on CL, another bottle job would be absolutely fuckin hilarious. I also want Swansea up and Southampton down.


Wouldn’t it actually only be the greatest escape since west brom escaped relegation that time before?


Also, those Alcatraz guys 94% drowned.


Hmmm perhaps, but I think this escape would be a bigger achievement.


It was 2005.


Just tuned in. A 4-4 would be awesome.

If it’s still 0-0 after 25 minutes I’m going back to my Master League.


Lol! No chance with so much at stake.


Relegation 6 pointer, genuinely wonder what that feels like as a supporter.

The tension and nervousness must turn your insides into mush.


Swansea have scored 2 goals in their last 8 games. No way are they getting 4 :laughing:


Typical dutch.


Don’t worry. Still watching. Girlfriend occupying the TV :xhaka: there’s too many soaps on Netflix.


0-0 FT. It must be so tense.