The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Heroic failure. I think we’ve found our new manager.


Brighton have barely won a game this calendar year so I feel like it’d be a bit ridiculous to give it to Dyche and not the man who has dominated the PL and is on the verge of posting the highest points total ever achieved in a single PL season.


City turned this league into Bundesliga, they had pretty much won it by December, so Pep deserves the manager of the season


Deserves it, yes. And usually the PL winning manager does get it.

But I saw a tweet that made me laugh from a City fan who thinks Rafa will win it because there’s an “agenda against us”. He pointed out that the other two times City have won the PL, the manager of the season award was given to Pardew (2011-12) and Pulis (2013-14)



Depends if its before the CL. If Liverpool win it id say Klopp deserves it. They will have done more than was expected of them and he deserves the credit for Salhas numbers.


C’mon Chelsea! Win and get the 4th spot from Spurs!


You could get odds of 33/1 for Huddersfield to beat Man City today.

That is absolutely ridiculous for two teams in the same division.

Best league in the world they say :thinking:


WOW! Some save by Ederson here!
de Bruyne with almost another rocket. He is so good!
City 0-0 at HT. They have had lot of possession so far, but couldn’t make it count.
Huddersfield holding up very well.
Thought it was going in from Bernardo Silva here!
Fantastic strike from Mendy! Deserved the goal.
OHHHHH! Huddersfield miss the chance to score on counter!
0-0 FT. Huddersfield are the first team to prevent City to score at home this season! Fantastic!


Fair play to Huddersfield :clap: Great performance from them

That pont probably keeps them up



Yes Ollie! Send spurs to Europa :joy:




What an average striker. :giroud2:


The dark side of Salah.


Ollie doing a ting


Man, I miss Giroud.

I bet he misses Arsenal, too. (I know that sounds stupid because he’s scoring goals and clearly enjoying life at Chelsea, but I reckon he’d be torn if we put in an offer to re-sign. All pie in the sky, of course)




He is a specialist player, hope he has a few decent moments in Russia


Image Liverpool not winning and not finishing in the Champions League :rofl: . As usual, Klopp’s demanding style of play doesn’t last for the whole season.


Holy crap both Chelsea and spurs Have to spare games. Liverpool are in trouble if they don’t win they last game


Just seen the super Oli G goal. Why did he run into the dugout and hug Luiz? Have they got some kind of hairmance going on?