The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread




Allardyce is awful.

He actually believes they’ll keep him in the job.


200 mil spent in the summer to play this shit. Fuck Everton! Hope they get relegated one day :gabriel:


I stopped watching after 10 minutes. Watching the Women’s FA Cup final instead – which we’re losing, to Chelsea, obviously :roll_eyes:

Got Rochdale v Charlton on my laptop too – I need some final day survival pitch invasion joy in my life

What I don’t need in my life: more of Big Sam :grin:


Southampton down to 10 men. Yoshida off.


This result really fucks Swansea doesn’t it?


They need to beat Southampton on tuesday.






With all of the teams you want relegated soon for one reason or another we will be champions every year by default because no one will be allowed in the EPL but us :poldi:




Southampton don’t bother me tbf. No hatred for them. Absolutely gutted for them there tbh. Were did the ref add the other two minutes from?


I quite like both Swans and Southampton. I don’t want to see either go down but Saints are probably better equipped to bounce back.


Cant believe they arent getting more stick from the media. 200 feking mil spent and they are feking abysmal in every aspect of the game. Its telling that Theo LOLcott is their best player :arteta:


That’s what happens when you sell your best player and don’t replace him.
Although having Allardyce as a manager doesn’t help much.


Koeman wasnt exactly pulling trees, but Big sam seems to struggle big time with these players. It doesnt feel like a proper Allardyce team yet. They need some big lumps upfront and some defenders who can defend. But yeah it seems that the evertonians want more than just hoofball, which is why he is gone sooner rather than later.


West Brom have been reprieved TWICE by injury time goals today

Nine lives


Would be an insane turn of events if they somehow stayed up… need to look at the table and math, but doesn’t Soton play Swans next? That seems problematic for West Brom.


Yeah so unless I am misreading it, WBA need a BIG win, combined with a draw by Soton and Swans… all finishing on 34 (if Soton and Swans lose their last game)… so basically they need to make up 4 GD between their game and Soton last 2, including Soton drawing with Swans.

I reckon they are cooked, but it would be some crazy machinations given where they were 3-4 weeks ago.


Yeah, that’s how i’m adding it up. A draw on Tuesday and then a 4 goal swing in their final game.

Yeah, not happening is it?!