The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


he has had a beardazzle


He should have joined a club with a decent sized budget


Lol I do not remember us being top at all this season. :joy::joy: Does anyone else?


We kicked off the season on a friday night I believe. 4-3 vs Leicester. Or was that the season before?


Ah yes Bl1nk we were top cause we played the first game on a Friday night😂

So basically we were top by default for a night lol knew it wouldn’t be cause we earned it.


It was all downhill after August 11th


Shows how pathetic this season was.


Spurs last top in August 2014 :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Even with their"great team" they haven’t ending the day top for over 4 years


C’mon you mighty hammers :hammer_and_wrench:


Arnautovic you lazy **** get onside ffs


Edit ffs Joe Hart dropping the ball Stoke lead 0-1


What a stupid bastard.

Loooool @English he’s gonna be doing that for you against Panama next month


Wish this guy had been given a chance in the friendlies. We can’t be taking Joe Hart to the WC, even if it is just as a third choice bench warmer!


Dat experience tho.


stoke are gonna fucking survive relegation arent they…the fucking cunts :santi:


Carroll and Crouch. The big boys are back in town. And in view of Southgate :sunglasses:


BIG ANDY!!! Yes!!



That’s not a very balanced team. No defensive midfielders.

And i’m absolutely flabbergasted not to see Mustafi in the line up


I think Sterling should have been there instead of Aguero. Not much space for argument with the rest.