The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Maybe they just feel sorry for them, but dont care enough to do fuck all about it because they are so insignificant.


Sterling :rofl:

edit: redeemed himself quickly though lol


So Citeh will need 13 points from the last 5 matches to crack the 100 mark, with no games to come against the top 6.


I guess you could say…he…raheemed… himself? :speak_no_evil:



Is it just me who didn’t realise the linesmen carried yellow cards too?


which one is the horse?


I am so glad that Stoke & WBA are finally going down.

Wish Southampton hang on somehow. I like that club.


It’s funny to think that clubs like West Ham, Southampton, Leicester, Newcastle, Burnley come up and end up having a go for a top 6/7 place with a few seasons but you know clubs like Stoke and WBA just won’t even bother.

When you accept bottom 12 as a way of life it’s only a matter of time before luck goes against you and that turns into bottom 18.


I used to, but now Hughes is the manager I hope they get relegated as well.


The Premier League is full of so much dross at the moment. A lot more than usual, it seems. Everton, for example, are 9th! They’ve been dire! And somehow there have been 11 worse teams than them this season.

To be fair, there are a couple of teams I believe to be in a false position – Palace for example. They’ve played some good stuff at times, and have had some pretty bad luck. They’re actually giving it a go, which is what I want to see in those sort of teams, not the “survive without living” approach that many adopt. I won’t be sad to see any of the other teams around them go down.



Got to admire José. He is absolutely determined to not let City win the league during one of their own games


The sad thing is we could never go to Old Trafford and get a result.


Will once we bin the manager


Not looking forward to our Old Trafford visit in two weeks :see_no_evil::gabriel:


congrats to Man City i guess.

what was going on here lol


I noticed that, but thought it was my monitor.



Beard oil. Nothing out of the ordinary.


agreed tbh