The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Haha I’m with you, love our record against them since he’s been at the helm.

We should get some credit for that season too, he changed formation and they went on that run after we pasted them ha.


Alonso should have been sent off for that.

Horrible challenge when the ball was no where near.


2-0 Saints.

Sack Conte or let him finish the season?


Conte on full


Just making sure to ruin everything before he goes :arteta:

Appreciate the man’s hustle lol and also appreciate just how little it takes for these guys to down tools :joy:


Time to start diving Eden!


Giroud bullet header. 2-1 now.

His first PL goal for Chelsea


Great header


Lol ffs.


Giroud again 2-3 Chelsea :joy::joy::joy: ffs

What a finish tho


2-0 and you fucked it up


I miss that hairy Frenchman :slightly_frowning_face:

Ultimate super sub! Made a career out of being a saviour!


F’ckin fantastic player. Still can’t believe we got rid


Giroud is actually better than Morata. Who knew :smirk:

Also I haven’t heard the chav fans’ song for him but I bet it sucks compared to ours


Salah man, too good.



Fancy City to beat Spurs 3-0. Kane hattrick.


So it now looks as if it’s Southampton, Stoke & WBA set to go down, but of a buffer separating the bottom 3 now.


I guess I can understand why there are no English refs at the world cup…they miss more stuff than even the Spanish refs.

OT: can we buy Giroud back in the summer?


Any chance Kane could claim that one too?


even sky are at it :joy::joy::joy:



it’s funny that Spurs have this much pull at the FA, yet they are still shit.

Like Juventus had the whole system working for them, and have won 30 odd league titles.

Spurs have won jack shit :arteta: