The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Chelsea up thanks to Azpilicueta.


Has anyone considered teaching Morata the offside rule?

I actually feel insulted that people make jokes about girls not knowing it, yet we have professional footballers who seem to not have a clue how it works.


Little Pea!

Half a chance in the area and he’ll take it. Very composed finish


1-1 West Ham!

West Ham looking for the win!
Alonso with a rocket! Great save from Hart!
End-to-end game in these final minutes!
1-1 FT. The top 4 is done and dusted! We can overtake Chelsea to 5th now lol!


Chelsea dropping back in our (and Burnley’s lol) clutches lol they have proper fucked it.


Does finishing 5th have any difference to finishing 6th?


Abit more money


If the prospect of 5th place instead of 6th doesn’t get those ST holders coming back through the gates then I don’t know what will :sunglasses:


Yeah. If you finish 5th you go into the group stage of EL. If you finish 6th you have to qualify for it.


Lol imagine having to qualify for the Europa League. How we have fallen!


Conte going out with a wimper.

Only FA cup can salvage their season and even then without top four it’s a little hollow.


This could mean Chelsea and us will have to watch spurs as the only London team in the CL.
I can’t remember that happening before.


I don’t think Conte can be blamed much though, you can tell that Chelsea is a club where it’s virtually impossible to succeed as manager for more then a year or two. The players they have always have that mercenary attitude and it comes right from the top.


This 1,000%. I hope and pray our club never turns to that shallow model.


We’re the other extreme though aren’t we, and a balance is needed. I despise the way in which Chelsea ship managers off every single season almost, yet we’re in a situation where we’ve let our own manager crawl to a ridiculous stage.

We certainly treat our managers “the right way” as the saying goes, yet that “right way” sometimes isn’t what’s best for the club. As much as what Chelsea do is a disgrace, it has largely worked for them and they’ve been the ones laughing at us for over a decade now. We need to be more ruthless.


Not sure I really buy this, this should apply to City or even to United too then, shouldn’t it?

Think it’s more of a case of there being a clear rupture between the board level and coaching staff, and Conté has reacted badly to it and the players have followed suit.


I think he should get a lot of blame tbh and I like Conte.

He’s used the same formation time and time again, the three at the back for Chelsea has been found out this season especially with Morata that’s had a stop start season and Hazard that doesn’t quite score enough to be the 2nd forward in the team.

Conte has shown a distinct lack of flexibility and its hurt Chelsea, also not impressed with the amount of complaining he’s done. He knew what he was getting himself into, his official job title isn’t even manager it’s head coach or something.

He thought once he won the league they’d give him more power and say in transfer dealings but it was never going to be the case, he should have resigned after last season instead of hanging around and being petulant. That would have really sent a message.


Yeah, I think you’re dead right on all points. I also think he’s shown himself to have some oldish ideas, he would seem to have clearly directed the transfer staff to get him a hold-up/target-man style striker, and he seemed to play a big part in moving on Costa, which, although we don’t know all that went on behind the scenes, seems a massive mistake, Costa is a level above Morata.


I agree.

The obsession with a target man is just cliche, even though I think Conte is probably the better manager I like Allegri approach more for his flexibility and willingness to change it up. He may have got the blueprint at Juve from Conte but he improved upon it.


Yeah the one thing that shocked me the most was the complaining, how could he have been surprised with what was happening at board level?

I don’t think he gets enough credit for last season because he completely reinvigorated an utterly shot dressing room after Mourinho and strolled to the league with a smart use of his system at the time. But this season has not been good enough of course.

Tbh I just have a soft spot for him cause we’ve had their number since he arrived :smiley: