The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


David De Gea what a fucking save.

Also Sterling can’t finish for shit


Sterling has been an absolute travesty today. 3 big chances and he’s blown them.


so Sir Alex gave the half time talk then :thinking:


So the mighty Guardiola has been found out in the last 2 games. He needs to fucking learn to play the fucking players in their fucking positions. Football is a simple sport.


Can’t blame him too much for the substitutes today, he had to prioritise Tuesday night. Plus if Sterling took one of the chances late in the first half that would’ve been game over.

Not sure what happened in the second half, defensively they crumbled and struggled to create many chances.

Can’t wait to see how/if City react on Tuesday.


I blame him fully for the subs, he was a coward.

The way the game was going he needed to change because United looked like they were going to score time and time again, the scales had tipped in their favour.

Then be brings Aguero on when it’s 3-2, as I said cowardly.


I’m quite Jealous of United’s fight despite going 2-0 down and looking devoid of ideas. Looked like the City game at the Emirates.

Only we then proceeded to throw the towel in.

I guess that’s what having a manager that can motivate their team (even if it is rarely) properly can do for you.


I don’t think it’s a motivation thing, it was down to some rapid fire which seems to be City’s Achilles heel.

That doesn’t come from Jose that’s for sure, City just froze IMO and Pogba clearly had a point to prove.

Also being up for a derby is standard, you don’t get credit for that.


some of it surely cam from Jose, the way United cam out the blocks straight after HT.

Pogba did have something to prove, and Jose had been one of his biggest supporters.


Yeah I think he could’ve changed the game earlier, it looked like it was heading one way at 2-1. But I think he was right to leave them out from the start with Tuesday in mind.


I blame raheem sterling, the nob.

He was probably put off by all those Tinder advertisements


I seem to remember the Invincibles had a chance to clinch the title against their rivals, away from home at that.

Since apparently this CIty team is better than that, they must have failed to do it as well, no?



That’s why I never bought into this best of all time shit tbh, City have shown they still aren’t ready in the Champions League.

In some key moments they’ve lacked both character and composure.


Lets swap Pep for Wenger, he always says his teams have got mental strength to do well.


My cousin backed United at HT


Brilliant comeback by United, looks like Alexis was instrumental in that 2nd half.



2 very useless games today lol!


Not for Southampton and West Ham