The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


fair play that is an awesome performance.

Look how United can play when they go for it eh?

Pep again with the perplexing lineups trying to one-up everybody by overthinking it


Bald fucker.


Now he’s making subs when he’s down 3-2, awful from Pep.




Looked like a clear penalty there. Must say the ref has been woeful today


Wow Atkinson should be arrested


I don’t think it was a pen, he gets the ball.


Ashley Young should have given away two stone wall penalties and had a red card!

Think he must have the referee’s nudes!


City getting robbed.

Disgusting tackle by Young.


That’s not enough nowadays. He rolled over the ball and could’ve broke Aguero’s ankle!


Yeah nowadays, but still I think those types of pens are chicken shit.


Well that’s not the point really. It’s a clear cut penalty in 2018.

I know what you mean with some tackles where they accidently go through a player. This one looked more reckless than most though imo


Atkinson is such a dumb cunt shit ref.

There is your referees, then you wonder why no british refs at the World Cup?


He beat Aguero to the ball and actually kicked the ball off Aguero’s shin, on the follow through he got him but if defenders aren’t allowed to make that type of tackle they are basically handcuffed in and around the box.



It’s more that it got it studs up. He sort of rolled his studs over the top of the ball so he was always going to catching the top of Aguero’s ankle. It’s very reckless either way, which sums up Ashley Young quite well



I think he gets moved on this summer


De Gea world class


The amount of shit taking I will engage in if City lose this…

I seem to remember the invincibles going 2 down at anfield, they didn’t bottle it…


De Gea. Just WC.