The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Seeing Mourinho lose - priceless


United fans on twitter raging lol

I will be posting the best later on.

Jose 3rd season will be so so sweet.


Haha I just searched #MourinhoOut on Twitter. It’s beautiful



That and #JoseOut hashtag is sweet AF

Sterling is amazing as well btw.


Even Pogba is celebrating City’s title with his blue hair.


Lol Alexis woke up. And now I’m enjoying the city fans in anguish lol. This is one of those matches where u wish both teams could lose.


I think we were a little presumptious with our laughter :see_no_evil:

Nice of Pogba to turn up in April though


good goal Pogba. Poor guy gets a lot of stick.

United been better since HT. Will City rue those missed chances?


WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! A brace for Pogba in just 2 minutes!




Football, eh?

United have been shit for 45 minutes and find two within 10


GNev going full yer da about Pogba, now what eh?

All that shite about his hair colour (which he dyed before the international break).

Bet that will shut people up.


United remembered that parking the bus only works when you’re not losing.


United attacking now :mustafi:


Even Mike is getting in on the action now

Unbelievable stuff


Pep has been a coward in this game.

Should have brought Aguero or Jesus on when it went 2-2

It was looking like United would score again and again, terrible game management.


Wow. Kudos to anyone who bet on United when two down



This would be a fantastic result for liverpool.


Lmao, Alexis two assists now. Anyways, I was happy to see united get embarrassed, but watching the embarrassment go the other way is equally as fun to watch.


BEING FOUND OUT! Fraudiola ahahah!


Wow what a turnaround. Awful defending for United’s third, who the hell was meant to be marking him?!

This result alone severely hurts City ahead of Tuesday too