The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Newcastle safe :open_mouth:


Fuck off! Burnley! They are not fucking giving up! Leading 2-1 now, as Palace. Perez scores a golazo to give Newcastle a comfortable lead.

1-1 Burnley

2-1 Burnley

2-1 Palace. Zaha so good.

2-0 Newcastle

Swansea equalize.

Stoke don’t deserve to be 2-1 down, tbh. Tottenham have been pretty average.

Bournemouth equalize again! 2-2!

Leicester pull one back with Vardy.


Palace collapsed



Fighting spirit!


Newcastle, Tottenham and Burnley win, while Bournemouth, Brighton and WBA draw. City-United now.


City playing without strikers :roll_eyes:


That defending from Smalling :joy:


Nice header, tbh. 1-0 Kompany.


What a goal by Gundogan!

Yanited fans will really turn on Maureen, methinks. Not a single shot registered on target.


Truely scrumptious turn by Gundogan


I think the title is going to City :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice goal from Gundogan!




The Sky cameras aren’t zooming in on Mourinho enough



Enjoying united being dismantled. This is great. Alexis dribbling into dead ends down the left and losing the ball constantly, lulz fuck Mourinho.


Should already been 3-0 to City. United all over the place at the back.


Sane is ridiculously amazing. That close control in tight situations and in the box.

Amazing. Like a Black afro Cazorla.

My fav player on this CIty team. Was raging when he went City from Schalke


Ball being played in United’s own half pretty much all game. Sterling should have buried two of his efforts easily!


Lukaku is not a ManU level striker.

Mou is a shit coach.


Big fan of Pogba having City blue in his hair