The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread



A proper striker should have scored here.
Klavan with almost a comical own goal.
High-tempo game so far. It’s enjoyable.
What a save from Karius!
Now Pickford responds to Karius with another good save.


Gareth Southgate has popped into Goodison Park.

Next stop: Birmingham, to audition for Peaky Blinders


That oriental woman looks like she has no clue what’s going on but is copying everyone around her, cringe as fuck.

Bit like them Americans singing the referees a wanker before the game :joy:

Southgate for an england manager his clothes look so cheap. I know there’s more to life than good tailoring but he looks likes he’s a deputy manager at Tesco thrown on a warm coat to help out in the frozen aisle.


0-0 at HT. Nice game.


It’s terrible. We don’t want a “nice” game. We want some action. A 22 man brawl would be great :+1:

At the moment, the atmosphere resembles a morgue.


I meant as chances created :xhaka:


Liverpool all gun blazing in this first minutes of the second half.
Calvert-Lewin and Gueye on for Bolasie and Rooney.
Chamberlain on for Liverpool. Liverpool’s good start only last 5 minutes :smile:
That’s the Ox we know! :rofl:
Everton just can’t connect to this ball, otherwise they would have scored.
Everton pushing for the win in these last minutes.
Everton absolutely deserve the win now.
3rd chance in a row for Everton lol!
0-0 FT. Lucky draw for Liverpool.


No cards in a Merseyside derby!!! and hardly any shots on target – though that is in part down to Everton’s abysmal finishing!

I knew that match would be a waste of everyone’s time, don’t know why I put myself through it.


Pickford and Karius made two great saves in the first half, tbh.


Oh c’mon Diouf! How could you miss this?


Hopefully spurs win and condemn stoke even more, can’t believe I’m saying that. But stoke out the prem is long overdue


Newcastle up against Leicester.

Now it’s time for Son to bottle a big chance.
Brighton take the lead against Huddersfield. The Terriers run the risk of going down @Gio

Lol! 1-1 Huddersfield!


I’d love them go down, town fans are now very arrogant, shut up you inbred cunts.


Do you still work in that pub in Huddersfield?


Tottenham have been very sloppy so far.


It’s not just Ramsey who Stoke fans hate. They’re booing Danny Rose because in 2014 Shawcross was sent off for a challenge on him. Though they cheered for Rose once – when he was kicked in the chest!

Stoke fans are proper weird.


Golazo from Palace to take the lead against Bournemouth!

Good goal from Tottenham. Eriksen.

Lloris ahahahah! Another mistake for him this season! 1-1!

WBA up against Swansea as well.

Watford up against Burnley! Yes! :smile:

Tottenham up against with Kane and 1-1 Bournemouth.

2-1 Tottenham

1-1 Bournemouth

Calamity Lloris. Another mistake that almost costed Tottenham the lead.


Spurs’ style doesn’t look fluid at all. Hoof ball merchants.


It would actually be pretty funny if we finished below Burnley :laughing: