The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Lamela should be off. Fucking cocksucking cunts!


Omggg 3-1 Spurs

Alli again, although this goal was scrappy


lol, 3-1


remember, this is at stamford bridge lol, a least we got mugged off away


Lol! The Champions of England :rofl:


Spurs 13 points ahead of us?


“We sit down at the end of every season & see where we go from there. I have a 2-year contract & will always try to (reach) the end of it. But I always have the honesty to sit down with BoD & to see where we go from there. If I see no progress, we can terminate it.”


You already posted in the chat :wink:


I’ll probably end up posting it again sometime this season.


The Champions League race is over.


Conte should have left after last season, he wanted more control and they weren’t willing to give it.

Resigning would have really sent a message, it was always going to end in tears.

I’ve been disappointed in what he’s been like when things aren’t going well, way too much whinging and his lack of tactical flexibility and stubbornness has really hurt Chelsea this season.




Feels like living in a parrallel universe sometimes. Spurs are world beaters whilst we struggle to string 4 passes together.


Need to win trophies, otherwise their key players are leaving :wink:


Called the top 4 about 6 weeks ago, I told everyone on here Chelsea was shit.


Leroy Sané is too good. Yeah it might be a different story under another manager but he should’ve gone for double what he did.


Fair play to Spurs. Normally for a team like that losing a “talisman” like Kane would be the beginning of the end but they’ve got 3 good results since he went off injured.



So many changes for Liverpool!


The two derbies have come at such a rubbish time. Usually i’d be looking forward to them, but with the CL on Tuesday, it seems neither Liverpool or City are going to go all out. Hopefully i’m wrong and we’ll still see some decent games.

Lots of fantasy football teams are going to be in dire straits this weekend though :grin:


The pitch looks a bit flooded.
Good chance for Solanke here. Should have done better with his head.
Tosun looks to have have come alive after a difficult start with Everton.