The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Great save from Pickford. It wasn’t easy, as the shot was deflected.


Pickford has conceded 3 goals. Joe Hart kept a clean sheet



Great goal from Bolasie.

3-1 City FT.


City only need to beat united next weekend to win the title. Watch united beat them next week to Denie them


They’ve almost got double our points :arteta:


Sounds so funny when people say Burnley win again back go 2 points behind us in early April :rofl:



Their goal differential is on average >1.5 per f*ing game compared to us.


Spurs or Chelsea today?


I think it will be a draw.


I want Chelsea to win. I hate Spurs more, plus it’ll make the battle for CL football more interesting. The Chelsea Spurs rivalry is stronger than the NLD now. So hopefully it’ll be feisty.


1-0 Morata! Moses’s assist! Yes!


Crazyyyyyyyyyyyuyyyu strike


Oh my… what a fucking goal!!


Dirty fuckers.

Great save from Caballero on Son!

FUCK OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF! The diving cunt! The Champions League race is officially over.


Brilliant goal



Sorry, it’s just that i hate him. I delete it though.


hate both teams so don’t care really.

Chelsea are lucky we’re taking all the headlines for being shite, they have been awful in 2018.

Another loss. 5th place beckons. hehehehe. No CL, new stadium incoming… hehehehe


Great finish to be fair. Spurs have been the better team in the second half