The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Let’s see if the little chilean rat can impress again now :rofl:


Shame place didnt get the 3 points can see them in the relegation zone this evening


Yawm. Lukaku deflected. 1-0 Manure.

Could have been red to Ayew here.
Swansea are like “i don’t give a fuck today!”.


Nice move tbh.


Watford and West Ham up! C’mon West Spam! Relegate fucking Southampton!

1-0 Joao Mario. Great finish!

1-0 Watford

2-0 West Ham! They are running riot!

2-0 Sanchez. So easy for Manure.


Fucking hell Swansea might as well kick the ball in your own net with shit like that.

Nice finish by Alexis though.


Wow! 1-0 Burnley.

Smalling is a disaster waiting to happen. Can’t believe Mourinho made him first choice again.
Clear offside from Lukaku here so the goal doesn’t stand.

1-1 Bournemouth. Fucking stupid handball to give away.

3-0 West Ham. The Saints are going down.

United, Burnley and West Ham up, while all the others draw.


Hope ray Wilkins recovers


Oh fuck! Just read about it :frowning:


Yeah. He does come out with some shit sometimes, but seems like a genuinely nice guy.


Watford up again.


Burnley just won’t go away lol… could be the most interesting race down the stretch for us in the Prem.


De Gea is a a cocky bastard. Two great saves in a row.
2-0 Burnley. 2 points behind us again.


Admittedly I’ve not seen Schmeichel but I wonder if United fans think he is their best keeper ever?

Remember when he first signed and everyone thought he was a flop at the start? :arteta:


Lukaku misses the 3-0.
1-0 Newcastle. Happy that Rafa is staying up.

Leicester up and WBA pull one back.

1-0 Leicester

1-2 WBA

Bournemouth equalize again.

Leicester kill the game off with Vardy.

Leicester, United, Newcastle, Burnley and West Ham win, while Watford draw. Everton-City now.


I think it’s safe to say Liverpool won’t be wanting any of Southampton’s players this summer


Well, that was some finish from Sanè.


Man City are just ridiculous

I do hope this isn’t the start of a domination though. We don’t want to turn into Serie A or the Bundesliga


It’s safe to say it is already game over. 2-0 Jesus. Deadly counter.

Almost 3-0 :roll_eyes:

3-0. Another counter. City are so good, but Everton are so naive.

3-0 City at HT.


You never have quite the delta you think when at the top and you usually aren’t quite as sh*t as people think towards the bottom (although that is less true to a degree)… the pack will tighten… not sure it will be next year as ManU and Chelsea are really the two to reckon with over the long haul, especially ManU. Spurs and Pool will lose some stars inevitably. And then there is us…