The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Yeah there’s only one round of games where both clubs participate before this match with 24pts still to play for.


Yeah, you are right :wink:



Ah true, if they beat United they’d be 19 ahead with 18 to play for.

Sorry for misleading you @Luca_from_Italy :blush:


That would be awesome


No problem. Would be so lovely to see them win the title against Manure :rofl:


I would put my money on a very one-sided draw. Mourinho will do everything in his power not to allow this to happen and if there’s anything he can do, it’s that.


Like this quote a lot, exactly what Arsenal aren’t.


Hope Everton can beat Stoke today. Really want to see them relegated.



2 weeks without Arsenal :weary:


Good. That’s two weekend which won’t be ruined because of Arsenal.


WBA and Stoke are done. Good. Annoying teams.


Aubameyang must be so frustrated haha. Barely any games




We’ve turned a corner recently now watching Arsenal is exciting again


Haven’t seen a player tear apart the PL in a season like Salah has


In terms of debut seasons, Torres and Aguero had pretty hot ones too :fire:


England as always doing a good job of producing CB’s

Salah’s purple patch continues.

And speaking of limited players, don’t think Doucoure is all that tbh. Beyond the goal tally I don’t see much else.


Salah sat that guy down