The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Football is entertainment.
Fair play if people don’t want to indulge their time into something they don’t find entertainment in.


Voting with their feet/wallet is all the fans can really do and all the club will really take notice of. It’s not about not supporting the club at all and fair weather certainly doesn’t sound like an accurate description to me.


@Darkseid - If you’re not happy with the direction of the club why pay for a season ticket in the first place?

@Trion - People don’t buy season tickets for entertainment. People buy season tickets to support the club they love. Real fans at other clubs attended week in and out regardless of how entertaining the football is

@shamrockgooner - Season ticket holders have already paid. What difference does it make to decision makers at the club other than having the fans for TV optics.

Support should not be dependant on how well the team is doing. Clubs currently battling relegation will have higher % of people turn up.

If you don’t turn up when we’re playing bad that’s the very definition of fair weather supporters. I don’t understand why you would pay all that money not to turn up, that indicates they’ll only turn up when we’re winning


Honestly judging other fans is a really boring conversation to me, I shouldn’t have responded. They’re free to do as they choose basically is how I see it.


Especially when you’ve paid with your hard earned money.


What a fucking sitter for Bournemouth lol.


Now they do score. Great start


Boyrnemouth have been super so far. Keep it up lads!!


Spurs look to be suffering from CL hangover and B’mouth are really all over them… love to see Spurs suffer.


Gap will only be 10 points if they lose :rofl:


Was thinking about that - it really feels like they could collapse but this will be the year we can’t quite make it back (not including last year of course)… having said that, they are out of other competitions now so they will refocus after today on top 3/4 and I can see us finishing about 8-10 points back in the end anyway.


1-0 Bournemouth


We can do it! :smile: :henry2:


Bournemouth looking for the 2nd. C’mon!
Kane done his ankle again :smile:


Hmmmm our plan is coming together??? Kane off with ankle… season falls apart…


Wenger knows! :hipster:


Kane injured?


Going down the tunnel… mwhahahahahaha


Yup, Harry Kane injured. Lamela coming on