The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread




Still have to avoid relegation :henry2:


I’ve never known the nightmare of supporting a team in a relegation fight. Genuinely wonder what it’s like lol


If Wenger stays on another 3 or 4 more seasons you might get to find out :syringe:


I know you are being sarcastic but 105 years without relegation is a great testament to this club.
Even if we ignore pre World war football as league was segmented back then, that’s almost 68 years without relegation.
I doubt any other club can say that.


No other club CAN say that, Arsenal has the longest unbroken spell in the top division and by some margin too. Only relegated once in our history which is better than anyone else and more seasons in the top division than anyone else bar Everton, who have been relegated twice but spent a decade or more in the football league before Arsenal even joined it in 1893 :+1:


Just saw Vardy’s goal, top quality finish that.


Surprised that Mahrez is back for Leicester. I thought he would have never played for them anymore after failing to move to City.


You need to become more cynical GFI, this is Premier League football we’re talking about!


We missed a trick with Vardy in 2016 when we were linked with him. We could’ve had him finishing off Ozil’s through balls weekly. He might’ve suited Ozil’s style more than Lacazette, who I still have time for but is nowhere near as rapid as Vardy


I was thinking the other day, Vardy or Lacazette? We probably wouldn’t have got Lacazette had we got Vardy and I can’t imagine Vardy doing any worse than Lacazette in his first 6 months.

It probably would have helped though that Vardy would’ve been in a team with an in-form Sanchez, rather than a whateverthefuckhappenedto Sanchez.


Vardy would’ve done fuck all against teams sat behind the ball. We all saw the Euros. The midfield was a lot better when we were linked to Vardy compared to what it is when Lacazette joined. You can see this through our performances even with Aubameyang. And anyway Vardy rejected us it wasn’t us missing a trick.


He’s the one who missed a trick, not us. He could have been losing to Östersund on a Thursday night, but noooooo :sunglasses:


Quality assist yesterday from Zaha


Really want Zaha on our right wing!


We can do much better but I don’t think he’d be a bad option like I used to.


The Emirates is empty :joy::joy:


The poor attendance says alot more about the fair weather nature of our home support more than anything.

What do you do when the times get tough? you stay at home? No wonder our atmosphere is terrible if that’s the type of people who comprise a large % of season ticket holders

Support shouldn’t be dependant on results. You support a club through thick and thin, good and bad.


Nah their just sick of Wenger. This isn’t a new thing it happens every single season no wonder they are fed up


Nah for me it’s perfectly fine to not attend games if they’re not happy with the direction of the club.

And enduring 10 plus years of this bullshit disqualifies any fan that has consistently supported the club through buying tickets, merchandise etc from being called fair weather fans tbh.