The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


You jinxed it some hours ago :xhaka:


This is West Ham, they don’t learn, they somehow get dumber every year.


The real reason West Ham fans are kicking off



“Carnt even get a win agenst Burnley fackin’ goo goo”


^^ can’t wait for him, my absolute favourite. :sunglasses:Probably to do with the fact it’s easier to laugh at West Ham than Arsenal, but still he’s genuinely funny



I wish no particular downfall on West Ham, but the more Joe Hart can be seen fucking up close to the World Cup the better.


I think I want West Ham to go down even more than Stoke, albeit it’s still looking pretty unlikely


Swansea got a point :joy:



81/19 holy shnikey you don’t see that too often.


William is so good. Wish we had him here! 1-0 Chelsea.


Yeah I always liked him… super skilled, tricky player… not sure why he seemed to fade for a while there.


2-0 Chelsea. Comical own goal.

Chelsea 2-0 up at HT.
Giroud hits the post! :giroud:
Giroud off. Unlucky not to score a brace today.
Why was this Palace goal disallowed? :neutral_face:
van Aanholt pulls one back. Too little, too late.

2-1 Chelsea FT.


You can tell there’s a big difference in mentality between Giroud and Morata.

Morata come across as incredibly pampered footballer. He’s never known the hardship required to fight your way to the top level and it’s reflected his his game.


I wonder if people still think Morata is better than Diego Costa.


Who did?

I think he can get there perhaps even be better but he’s got a lot to prove next season, isn’t used to playing this much football but he’ll be under the lights after a season under his belt.




Burnley and the foxes win the so the battle for 6th-8th heats up between us and them, Europa league spots on the line.


You can see it now… us in the final playing for CL but possibly missing Europe altogether