The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Huge, huge, huge result for them today if they hold and take the 3 points.


Swansea giving Huddersfield a hard time


Perez close to the 3-0 with a great header from a corner.
Kenedy are destroying Southampton. The Saints look to have given up.
Game over in Newcastle. Ritchied with a great finish. 3-0!

Everton up. Theo!




Bye bye Pardew! 2-1 Leicester!


Genuinely thought he had already been sacked. Not sure if there’s much point in sacking him now, no one will be able to save them now.


FFS! Burnley score!

2-0! Fucking Moyes just fuck off!


It’s kicking off big time at West Ham :joy::joy:

Fights in the stands, players tackling pitch invaders and protests against the ownership.

Damn owners getting direct abuse in his face from large section of supporters

Wtf is going on ffs. A pitch invaders just put the corner flag and planted it in the center circle! :joy::joy::joy:


Leicester 3-1 West Brom.

All over for WBA now


3-1 Leicester

2-0 Everton



3-0 Burnley lol!


Joe Hart is finished


Think there will be riots in east London tonight, or perhaps just at Westfield :joy:




Everton missed a penalty.


If anything I’m quite surprised this hasn’t already happened at West Ham, and more at football grounds in general.

Hordes of drunk men vs bare minimum stewarding, could it ever go wrong?


Didn’t they have problems with stewarding last season or something? Would’ve thought the club would’ve learnt their lesson before.


Just think… seriously… May 5 - could be a consequential game for Arsenal… relative to f*ing Burnley…

They have only one other tough match left from what I can tell (Chelsea) and then against us towards the end… it is f*ing hilarious that our most relevant rival discussion for this season is BURNLEY and it is NOT a cruel joke.



4-1 Leicester! Good riddance in the Championship Baggies!

Everton, Newcastle, Burnley and Leicester win, while Huddersfield draw. Chelsea-Crystal Palace now.