The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Arsenalesque performance from Liverpool so far. Seemingly in control but toothless up front, terrible at the back. Wenger would be proud.


Mourinho > Klopp in the big games.

Picked out a gaping weakness on Liverpool’s right/centre-right hand side.


That’s not true at all man, United aren’t great in big games unless they play us and even then we practically give it away.

Liverpool under Klopp have a very good record against the top 6 teams in fact I think it may be the best win percentage against the top 6 teams in the PL whereas Jose’s is garbage


lucky Salah isn’t Alli or that could have been a pen

Ox with a shit ball.

Liverpool should have had a pen there.

TAA and Ox are actually shit. Take back what I said earlier

looooooooooool Alexis


Liverpool are pushing Manure in their own box now.


Must get a GIF of Ox assassinating Firmino with that pass.



Strikers finish and he’s injured himself.


Bailly lol! Game on!

United have refused to attack in the second half. Just protecting the lead.


Bailey is a bit of a weird guy, aint he?


Lovren is so fucking shit.


Alli would have got a penalty here.
If it wasn’t for Bailly they game would be over. Liverpool have been shit.
Lingard on for Mata.


Fellaini just been fouling since he came on and nothing has been done.

Valencia should be carded here.


6 minutes added on.


Haha the weird kick, own goal and he even feigned an injury.


Should have seen red really. If going studs up into someones ankle is red how is going studs up into someone’s shoulder not?


Oh Manèèèèèè! Almost through here!
Take a bow Karius! :arteta:
2-1 FT for United. Deserved win. Liverpool have been all over the place at the back and toothless upfront.


Newcastle up against Southampton.

Massive lead for WBA against Leicester.

Swansea down to 10 men.
Leicester equalize with Vardy. What a finish!

Southampton are paying the price for selling too manty players over the years. They look so shit.

2-0 Newcastle. Fantastic counter!


The state of the 3pm kick offs. :gabriel:


Better mind the gap with Burnley!

We could go into tomorrow’s match 2 points ahead of them conceivably…


Everyone is drawing bar Newcastle.