The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Got money on a score draw.


Of course, big bus for Mou.


United playing better so far. Some joy down liverpool’s right

loool could hear fans chanting you fat bastard to somebody on sky.

Well there it is. Liverpool have been dogshit. TAA especially.


Arnold got done


Great dribbling and finish from Rashford.


Lovely composure from Rashford there


Dangerous ball in, but Manè just can’t connect to it.


Mourinho outwitting Klopp so far.

Milner’s deliveries have been awful

Legit wtf is Milner doing


Yeah, just let Liverpool have the ball.




van Dijk should have scored here.

2-0! Terrible defending and goalkeeping.


Liverpool’s defence having one of those games where they decide not to turn up



Lovren… Mustafi esque :arteta:


Lovren is Lukaku’s bitch


Klopp’s face ahhaha! “Fuck this shit!”.


Ox not been horrible so far.


“he hasn’t had many good memories here”

hmmm I swear he’s assisted Monreal and Giroud here lol. Hate when commentators get facts wrong because there’s no one there to challenge the BS lol.


Mata so unlucky not to score here.


Should have been 3-0

Was saying haven’t seen Alexis all game but a lovely L1+triangle ball to Mata and it should be 3-0


Superb first half from Manure. Have to give them credits.