The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Don’t know if Giroud missed or assisted here.


He missisted.

:flushed: :open_mouth: :cowboy_hat_face:




Giroud: the gift that, finally, 6 years later, has started giving.


Giroud assist to Hazard. 1-0.


Cuellar desperate to bash Giroud even after the guy assists a goal :smile: Mr Agenda on the case


Good assist. Pretty sure they bought him exactly for this type of play.


Misses a sitter, generally performs like classic Giroud :smiley:, makes an extremely basic assist thanks to Hazard being great and I’m the one with the agenda :joy:

Gotta love the female brain.




You shut yo mouf cappuccino boy!


I’d love to know what sort of over-wordy dribble you would’ve come out with if Sanogo did that.

No doubt those years playing college football in the States has honed your tactical footballing brain to a level I just can’t hope to achieve Cuellar :smile:


I had a cappuccino with brioche today. Lovely.


And you fuck off, you salmorejo with garlic boy.



@Robin_L you love to come out with this lol. Anyways, doesn’t take much of a tactical footballing brain to see the obvious.


Would have been nice if Sanogo could do the basics as well as Giroud :joy:


Problem is that Giroud is quite shit at the basics too and quite shit in general.


Indeed, we might’ve been able to sell him for £500 to Toulouse instead of on a free.


The music in that video lol!


Chelsea up at HT, but still shit.


Poor Giroud is getting absolutely clattered here!