The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Errr he was second choice. Actually he was first choice for a while. But not third choice



You wish! :poldi:


He would have been if he had stayed.
Behind Aubameyang and Lacazette.

I don’t agree with selling Giroud, but Wenger and the club have to balance the books.
It’s the Arsenal way :grinning:


We also needed to make room for Ozil’s contract so it was the right thing to do :wink:


Done a fiver on Giroud to score a header at 9/2


Honestly, part of me is desperate for him to be amazing at Chelsea - mainly to say to @AbouCuellar hahahaha


Leave my cantabrian anchovy alone!


Sturridge get Conte the sack by the end of the night.


Giroud get Conte the sack by the end of the night.


Giroud gets anyone on here who doubted him a ban too. Right? @JakeyBoy


Fan denial :joy::joy::joy:


Fabregas and Giroud talking to each other :thinking:
Chelsea anthem :rofl:


Sturridge :speak_no_evil:


Sturridge already injured :rofl:. Made of glass.


Chelsea look vulnerable already


Yeah, good start from WBA.


Uh! Good chance for Rondon.
Giroud too slow here.
FFS Jay Rodriguez has just missed a sitter!
Attempts so far:

Chelsea 1 WBA 3



lol at that Giroud dribbleazo and pass. Brilliant.


Are you celebrating?