The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


wonder how long it is gonna be before the fans start thinking his transfer was a terrible idea, especially because he is a very expensive ball hog that turns over possession for fun.


Southampton are beating Southampton


Purple patch


Salah goal and assist



Has he ever posted something that hasn’t massively backfired on him?


Salah Madrid bound this summer no doubt.


Man United won’t win enough games for it to be decidable in that early April fixture. Title will be claimed mathematically in late March I think


Insult to Shelvey :zipper_mouth_face:


The order of booing severity of Southampton Alumni FC by Southampton FC supporters seems to be lovren-van dijk-lallana-mane-chamberlain-clyne


It must be difficult for them to remember which one’s at Liverpool they still like in fairness.


Why is Lovren first? Thought VVD would get the biggest boos, more fresh in the memory.


Think Liverpool are finishing 2nd.


Cause he only stayed for a season and the way he left If I remember




Liverpool 2nd, Tottenham 3rd, United 4th IMO.



1-0 Huddersfield

1-1 Bournemouth

2-1 Huddersfield

3-1 Huddersfield

4-1 Huddersfield


1-0 Newcastle


1-0 Liverpool

2-0 Liverpool


Is Giroud starting today @Phoebica? :thinking:


I’m going to go with a yes. Morata seems to have died.



Hat-trick incoming


Our third choice striker is now starting for the PL Champions.
What’s going on?