The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


I’d be a lot more hopeful of that Avenue if Aubameyang wasn’t cup tied :cry:


Spurs & Liverpool will Round out the top 4, Chelsea will miss.


Hollywood Mike Dean. You know they’ll give him the NLD this weekend.



In your opinion… But i don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion. It’s certainly within reach. But Mr Negative Nigel from Down Under has to ruin the party :smile:



At least I don’t flip flop like @Luca_from_Italy saying top 4 is gone after every away loss, only for him to then ridicule me for saying we won’t make after every home win :rofl:


I love taking the piss :kos2:




Respect Conte for keeping his cool, interviewer’s attitude would have rustled the fuck out of me after a loss.


Come on Conte. Come to Arsenal where you’ll be loved, pretty please.


Friendship ended with Conte. Now Hiddink is my best friend


Deeney gonna Deeney



Conte fucking about with Mourinhio in the press took his eye off the ball. Jose laughing his cock off tonight. Done him all ends up.


The interviewer was being a bit of a cunt tbh.


won 46 pounds on a Watford win and both teams to score, great night :slight_smile:


That’s what happens when you have to play more than one game a week.


:joy: unreal prediction



Why have they done this? Lol