The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Giroud moving in slow motion.


I heard it was 4-1, guessing it was a Giroud hattrick??


Draw against Rosenborg BK? That’s a sacking
Lose 0-1 to Everton? That’s a sacking
Leave the team in relegation spot? That’s a sacking(again)
Lose 4-1 to Watford? Oh, you better believe that’s a sacking


shame he will go before he hooks mourinho


3 losses for Giroud in 6 days :giroud:


That’s what happens when you leave the mighty Arsenal :kos2:


We lost to Watford aswell :wink:


2-1, not 4-1, you rotten smoked scottish salmon :xhaka:


Conte should’ve resigned in the summer because it was evident things weren’t going to change significantly despite the fact he won the title in style. Would have been a massive fuck you to the upper echelons.

Was a forgone conclusion it would go this way because he’s just so combative.

He does have some blame though because he continues to field head scratching teams Bakayoko is dire and if Morata was fit he’d start tonight. You’ve got your target man and yet he rides the bench, very clear he’s stop giving a fuck and is goading them to sack him.




Just a joke :wink:


You mean




Huh ? I’m confused I’m happy Chelsea will be joining us in the Europa League, be good to have our cup bunny’s in another competition with us :heart_eyes:


Ciggarette, fake ginger beard, fish?


Love watching Giroud in a Chelsea shirt. Almost as big a gift as watching Ox in a Liverpool shirt. :smiley:

^ What once would’ve pissed me off now makes me happy. DOUBLE HAPPINESS!


Hopefully Real come in for Hazard this summer.


We still have the Europa League to qualify to the Champions League. Don’t give up, albeit asking you it is a big task :wink:



Edit: by the way, that’s not my Twitter account lol


Only 5 points behind 4th – Chelsea are on a self distruct mission too so I see no reason why too 4 is beyond us. If anything, after seeing Chelsea’s last 2 games – I fancy our chances even more, especially if we can get something from the NLD on Saturday.