The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Hopefully Leicester and Everton can do us a favour today.


Ah Luca it’s nice you still think we have a chance of getting in the top 4 lol.

We are staying 6th no matter what


Well if Spurs lose and we win, we’ll be 5th. I know we all like to be negative but we’re not actually that far behind.


I think Liverpool might beat Man City.
All the other top clubs have got fairly easy games, so they should all win comfortably.


Yeah, exactly. Difficult, but it’s over yet.



Jonny Evans :grin:


WBA up against Brighton. Our next signing Evans!
Good chance for Leicester with Okazaki. The Foxes have started well.
Oh Vardy! Should have scored here!
Christ! Chelsea are getting destroyed atm! So easy for Leicester to penetrate.


I see Evans is really putting himself right in the shop window.
Top player, top defender and top goal scorer.
We will have to fight off Europe’s elite clubs to get him to come to us :grinning:


Leicester should be 2-0 up at least. Totally dominating atm.
Crystal Palace, Southampton and West Ham up.


I’m not watching it, but it sounds like Leicester have been superb in that first half.

Chelsea win nailed on.


Crystal Palace, Southampton and WBA up at HT, while the others draw. Chelsea doing crap. They should be down.


I’ve only just realised how far ahead City are. I mean, I knew they were cruising. But 15 points above United and 23 above us. Wow. They could actually double our points total. But Wenger won’t concede their victory because apparently “anything can happen” :rofl:


Well, Leicester got a (deserved) red (second yellow). That should be enough for Chelsea to nick the game.


Chelsea haven’t scored in their last 2 games. 3 if they don’t score today. If only they had a decent striker.


Haha, even sky on their update app saying that Morata hits the deck far too often for no reason whatsoever and that it should be looked into


67: How easily does Morata go to ground? So many times today he has failed to hold the ball up because he has fallen over. Surely got to sort that out.


Watford 2-2 Southampton. Apparently the Watford equaliser was a blatant handball lol.



Hahaha that is brilliant!

In other games. 3 Chelsea games in a row - 0-0 0-0 and 0-0.


What a sneaky fucker haha. Maradona would be proud of that one.

Chelsea go off to boos from the crowd…