The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread



Yeah that bottom 3 is perfect atm, all boring teams who’s main cup final every season is Arsenal


International football is made for target men. Should always have one in the squad, definitely agree.


Yes it would. Have wanted Stoke to go down since forever.


Poor cunt :cry:


Mike Dean refereeing a Spurs match. Might as well give them the points now.


Lol! And then people said the Premier League isn’t corrupted :xhaka:


Lol at that shot from Dier. I’m expecting that ball to land in my garden later.


Eriksen close with a good shot from outside the box.
0-0 at HT. Well-done West Ham so far.


Tim Sherwood gave Harry Kane his first opportunity you know. He doesn’t like to talk about it though…

He’s such a cock. He comes out with crackers like, “Lamela should come on because he has more flavour with the football” WTF does that even mean?! The guy is nicking a living.


Spurs look knackered.
Strange that Dean didn’t award Spurs a penalty here :hipster:
Fuck! West Ham waste a good counter.
Kane and Alli just not in the mood today :smile:


Strike was very good tbf, not impossible to save.






:rocket: at Wembley!!!


Take a bow son.




Spurs so unlucky with only having 48 hours between games, that tv scheduling.


West Ham always rise their game against Spurs. Love it!


Spurs are in real danger of losing their “Sky Sports Champions” trophy here