The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


He is wrong because every single manager is facing the same issue. And he has been a massive exponent of it over the years.


I was being ironic :wenger2:. There should be a winter break in England though, especially during the WC season.


It’s hard to tell with you sometimes lol


Look at the smile at the end :wink:


I get that it’s tough on the clubs but I do love the 4 games in 12 days over the festive period, its something that’s unique about the English game.


Whilst the schedule doesn’t help, our football is lethargic because of the schedule.


Its harder on the lower teams with weaker squads and less technical players more than the top clubs.


Whilst the schedule doesn’t help, our football is lethargic despite the schedule :wink:


I enjoy it as well, but it is not in the english football interest, especially with the WC coming up.


Hmmm… a lot of hours for us…


Hopefully Swansea can build on their win against Watford today.



Kane is on the bench.

Lol! de Bruyne is already back :hipster:


Tottenham dictating the game, while Swansea are parking the bus.


De Bruyne must be on good drugs to come back that early


1-0 Llorente. He was fucking offside FFS! How the referee couldn’t see it?

Wenger is past it, but he is fucking right about the referees in this country. Just horrible! If it happened to Arsenal they would have disallowed it.
Good job Watford. Already down against City thanks to Sterling.


It took 39 seconds for Man City to score :expressionless:


Did you see Spurs goal? Fucking unbelievable fuck up! I AM FED UP WITH THE REFEREES IN THIS COUNTRY! DIRTY BASTARDS!




Southampton up as well. Long, the man who never scores.