The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Wenger would be doing much better with that team.


The Scoursers hate us. Fuck them and their shitty city. You are only fish&chips and fucking Beatles lol! Rolling Stones wins it for me.


Stoke are 2 points off the relegation zone.

Imagine if they went down…



Our nightmare would be finally over.


They wouldn’t be back, just like Bolton before them.


Yeah, once they got relegated after so many years in the Premier League, they wouldn’t be back soon.




I’ve read all 64 posts in here from today and have to admit it was pretty funny watching luca’s meltdown get bigger after every goal scored haha.


I should just give up. Our rivals are so lucky, while we get punished at every occasion.


That’s an interesting way of saying our rivals are better than us


It has nothing to do with luck.


We are shit, but we aren’t lucky. Just give up and roll on next season, hopefully the last one with Wenger in charge.


Luca… go and have some gelato, you need to relax :sunglasses:

Decisions going against us sucks but the talk of that just distracts from the fact that we’re not very good. Our rivals have decisions go against them too, but they’re not as shit so it rarely affects the result.


Well, Manè has been shit for months and today he scored a super goal, while the poor Lacazette can’t hit a barndoor. I call this luck.


I think what you described is pretty much the polar opposite of luck…


Much of Lacazette shots are on target, tbh.


Luca have Arsenalfan Tv been in touch with a contract with you yet. Youve well passed the audition over the last 2 days mate.


Ahahha no mate! I just so pissed off from the whole situation.



So Wenger is not wrong after all :wenger2: