The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


1-0 Martial


Brilliant strike by Martial, that leaves us what 9 points behind united ?


Big fan of big Tone Martial. That’s the best goal i’ve seen this year… :henry2:

Nice of Rooney to assist his old mates too.


Yes, and 6 points behind Liverpool. Can you please stop now? Don’t worry, we are not getting 4th.




Yeah I predicted 6th at the start of the season and nothing I’ve seen has altered my view on that, not that we will win it but I just pray Wenger has the Europa League as the priority now.


Niasse bottles the chance to equalize.


Pogba has been immense this half.


2-0 Lingard. Everton are useless.


Another top drawer goal from United.


2-0 United


Yeah well anyone that concedes 5 goals at home to a side that has only won 7/23 away games is bound to be useless lol.


Jordan Pickford should be England’s number 1


2-0 United FT.


Why is life so shit? Fucking 2018 :neutral_face:


Decent chance if we lose to Chelsea, we are 6 behind Pool and 5 behind Spurs after 22 rounds… even with a draw, we are 5 behind Pool.


It’s over after today, as both Manure and Lolerpool had difficult games.
I want to hide myself in a toilette.




Lol sour grapes much? Mou is increasingly revealed as the football equivalent of Trump - wins somehow through sheer cunning, but you never quite feel he is doing anything positive or that he really deserves his success at all.


The guy’s over the hill and far away, but unfortunately he is finishing above us.