The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread



2-2 FT. This game was just great and entertaining. There were comical defendings, fluke goals and chances after chances.


Fucking hell Barnes! You have to do better from here.
Very boring game atm.
That was a great tracking back from Lallana to prevent Burnley from scoring on counter.
Could have been a dangerous situation for Burnley here.
The Clarets almost cocked up at the back.
So, so close from Arfield! Burnley would even deserve the lead based on what they have done in the first half.


Actually really enjoy watching Burnley play. Each player gives 100% and there are no passengers whatsoever. So organised too. Dyche is doing a top job there for what he has at his disposal.


0-0 HT. Well-done Burnley so far.
Mahrez puts Leicester ahead. Golazo!


Fuck it, I’m all for Mahrez in Jan if possible.


Golazo that :point_up:

Hopefully we’ll be seeing him do that more, for us, this month :slight_smile:


Liverpool look awful without Salah, Firmino and Coutinho.


Argh ffs Liverpool 1-0 up




FUCK OFF!!! But it doesn’t really matter, as we are not getting 4th.


Great finish


Everything is going against us, fucking everything. I fucking hate 2018 and life. Fucking Klopp, you fucking yellow teeth cunt.


1-0 Liverpool

2-0 Leicester


Stronger talent wise than us Liverpool by some distance.


Don’t worry, at least we can win some cups, while the Scousers can bully themselves with “the 4th place trophy” :wink:


I’ve just realised Stephen Ireland is still a Stoke player. Honestly forget he existed.


Firmino on for Manè. Do something Burnley!
Very important lead for Newcastle against Stoke. I reckon Hughes about to get sacked now.

1-0 Newcastle

Chance for the 2nd Liverpool goal.
And now Burnley could have equalized.

3-0 Leicester with Albrighton.

I give up. 2-1 Liverpool. Kill myself now.

2-1 Liverpool

3-0 Leicester


I’d love to see stoke relegated. They’ve always been a championship team. Burnley have been similar for ages but they seem much more respectable I don’t know why.


Lovren and Klaven. Dream team.