The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


FUCK sake Benteke

Congrats @Gladiator. Happy New Year :smiley:


bittersweet now though lol


One bad miss and one penalty missed. That was the best chance a team have ever had to beat City FFS! Still a good result for Palace though.


Surely City will lose a game somewhere


Disgusting tackle on De Bruyne


Would have loved it if a Zaha dive resulted in Man Cityโ€™s first defeat.

Life is cruel.



I had a bet on the draw but still wanted Palace to score the penalty.
Man City deserved it but the injury to De Bruyne is worse than dropping points.
Puncheon took him out deliberately.


What do you expect from a guy who has just been charged with assault?



Welcome to the internet


Echoes of Old Trafford 2003.

Iโ€™m fucking scared lads. Ffs. Palace pricks


Was there not a card for that challenge?


Only got booked :joy:


Looked like a red plus getting his ass kicked. Nasty.





Four 0-0 results in the EPL this week. Where did the goals go?



it wonโ€™t happen, but the EPL would be served well to have a winter break like some of the other Euro leagues.

Too many games in a short window leads to too many shit games.