The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


At least they’re making it good to watch with Pep.


There’s no asterisk against us in the 30s.

I think that most people don’t care, especially given a bit of time.


I don’t know why people are still so hung up on money.

Because of what United and Arsenal did decades ago they deserves to sit above everyone else for eternity?

Because United can negotiate a ridiculous sponsorship deal (as in businessmen doing deals in rooms with businessmen) it’s all great football management?

Selling players with value at the right time like livestock is good honest work?

Clubs that finance stadiums to generate long term profits by setting up property businesses are doing it the right way?

Manchester City should have accepted their place as the 15th-40th best team in the country and never ever had ideas of doing better than that without 40 years of ground work?

This notion that clubs who happened to be at the top of the tree when the money started rolling in (United, Arsenal, Liverpool etc.) are somehow deserving of their place is really a strange one. I’m not saying City or Chelsea are in any way deserving of anything, but without them it would have just been the already rich clubs getting richer. It’s just we wouldn’t have minded because we’d have been one of them.

In the old days you could put a team together and make it win, now the best teams are bought and whether they’re bought by Arsenal, City or United doesn’t really bother me because the PL has basically been bought by one of the richest clubs in nearly every year of it’s existence.


Expect Everton to roll over for Liverpool as usual.


To be fair, they rolled over for us too. In fact, they didn’t even get out of bed that day!


I expect Everton to draw with Liverpool. In fact, I’m going to take a punt on that. :slight_smile:


What a stat.


Loved that guy haha. If I remember rightly he moved to Man City after Blackburn. Can’t remember how he did there but he was a good goal scorer.


He didn’t really get much of a chance at Man City. He was there 4 years and hardly played, they just sent him out on loan.

He’s actually back at the Paraguayan club he started at now. I like that. I like the full circle stories.


They will likely get beat, but no way they “roll over” - this is a massive derby for them… expect it to be feisty and lots of cards… Pool are vulnerable - you just can’t let them get a head of steam attacking-wise b/c they are a momentum team for sure.


It seems Pedro and Moses are out of favour atm.


Yes! Arnautovic! 1-0 West Ham! Very good goal.


Is celebrating with the fans for 20 seconds really that big a deal?

I know it’s a rule and it’s silly of Arnautovic to do it knowing he’ll get booked when there is still 80 minutes on the clock. But personally, unless they’re spending 2 minutes doing it, I think there should be more leniency towards that kind of thing.


Morata trying to win a penalty by diving :xhaka:
Chelsea must be desperate if they are already resorting to dive.
Alonso booked. Serve a sneaky cunt right.
Fabregas looks a tosser.


Joe Hart dropped :grin:


Adrian looks so much reliable. Good save on Kantè now.


Players on the bench using hot water bottles

It’s the follow up to Snoodgate



Kantè mugged off the ball so easily.
1-0 West Ham at HT. Chelsea look slow and devoid of any idea.
Pedro on for Bakayoko and so Moses for Alonso.




Yeah, noticed it. What is this?