The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


I reckon West Ham fans would take a 4-0 defeat here. It’s not going to be pretty.


Dangerous from West Ham here. They are doing quite well atm.
Ederson thinks to be Neuer.
City look a bit ordinary. Probably think they can beat West Ham easily.
Great save from Adrian! Hart wouldn’t have saved that.
30 minutes gone and West Ham are doing really well.
Nice chance for Lanzini. I must say West Ham deserve the lead.


City look very lethargic today, althought I expect the second half to be different.








Wow. Definitely not the match I was expecting.

Imagine if West Ham become the first team to beat them :rofl:


1-0 Ogbonna

Jesus to the rescue!

Can see it finishing like Huddersfield last week.
City creating fuck all atm.
Uh! Thanks god it was offside.
Stupid foul just outside the box from West Ham.
Knew it. 1-1.




Nice work from Jesus to set up Otamendi.

Impressive burst of speed from Sanè here.
City getting closer and closer.
West Ham are about to concede. They can’t hold on anymore.
Argh Antonio!
It was coming. 2-1 Silva.


Lovely assist from De Bruyne, such a class player!


Love West Ham’s away top


What a chance for West Ham right at the end!


2-1 FT. I am starting to think they can go unbeaten.


Lovely assist from De Bruyne, such a class player!


City will be the first team that will actually achieve what these billionaire clubs should be achieving when they spend the kind of money they do

If you buy a club, spend £500m+ on players and only win the league and not win it in style 2-3 seasons on the trott breaking records along the way then have you really done what you set out to do?

the amount of money abramovic has spent over the years he must be slightly disappointed they arnt the supreme dominant team in Europe


Nah, I think what we’ve seen in their last few matches is that teams can make it difficult for them. City weren’t really at the races in the first half today either - a better team would have taken advantage of that.

Also, Pep will never set City up to grind out a draw like Wenger pretty much did with us. They’re always going to seek entertaining football and go after that winning goal, which may be where they eventually come unstuck.

Not to mention, they’ll probably go further in the other comps and have more games to play than we did during our invincible season.


City 13 league wins on the bounce, equaling Chelsea’s run last season and 1 behind our record.


Hope so. Don’t want to see them unbeaten.


Nothing they do on the pitch matters tbh because of financial doping. There will always be an asterisk besides their name in any record book.