The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


1-3 in Brighton e 1-0 for Everton.


If we were 7th and had only collected 4 points out of the last 15. And maybe dropping more points again this weekend, the media would be all over it. It’d be a crisis.


eriksen off for sissoko haha, inspired substitution there lol. But you watch him go score now that i laughed about it.


Good point for Spurs in the end, while Liverpool smash Brighton.


5 points out of 18.

Imagine suggesting there was a power shift.


just knew they were going to do it, they spout their mouths off then they go to shit. That is why i hate it when our team goes flapping their gums in the media instead of doing it on the pitch because they always go saying ‘we can beat anyone on our day and we are confident’ only to fuck up the next few games to make the club and fans look stupid.


Imagine saying that and then getting yourself suspended for the Manchester derby


Can’t wait until Mourinho retires. Cancer for football.





@Calum, worth throwing a fiver at both based on those odds right? :smile:


Tbf Özil scoring the first goal in a 2-1 win wasn’t that far fetched! 80/1 you had to do it!!!


It’s funny how Everton have gone from relegation panic to completely fine in like 4 days.

If Burnley are in the textbook “false position” then Everton could still be looking at 7th or so which would be good for them.


My West Ham supporting family and friends are furious. They hate big Sam. My cousin sent me an image of the Everton stats in first half, lack of possession etc, to prove why SA was an awful manager. Obviously Everton found the second gear in second half, though … Before they got Moyes, they wanted “anyone but Sam”. As a ‘West Ham are my second teamer I would actually have taken Allardyce over Moyes.


I would hate football if that gang of managers like Big Sam, Moyes, Pardew etc managed my club


I’m guessing they were just venting and you weren’t arguing against this point? :grin:

(as awful as he is he’s equally as effective mind, the FA should have stuck by him)


Was a blatant penalty to Bournemouth. Booked for diving. English referees :xhaka:


Luca do you have a video of Forster’s save? People on twitter saying it’s save of the season


Looking for it. I am gonna post as soon as i find it :wink:


Bournemouth take the lead. Deserved.
Boufal misses a sitter. Think he is a bit overrated.
1-0 Bournemouth at HT.

1-0 Fraser

The cherries so close to the 2-0.
Bournemouth should have really killed the game off by now.
1-1 Austin. Bournemouth are so naive.

1-1 Austin

Now Redmond comes closes to the 2-1.
Bournemouth have completely collapsed. Austin hits the bar.

1-1 FT. Fair result.