The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Yeah. After he worked very hard on his craft and they had the idea he could be useful for them. This thought that professional footballers need to be thankful to their first clubs is bullocks imo. Those clubs discard players as easily if they think they are going to be useless for them.


Okazaki with a free header. Completely missed it!
Sissoko off for Son.


Man United 3-0 up. That means it’s almost time for Lukaku to score.


2-0 WBA, but Newcastle pull 1 back immediately.

What a miss by Eriksen!

2-0 WBA

2-1 Newcastle

Great goal by Kane!

Fuck me! First Eriksen, then Llorente miss two sitters.

Alli’s pass :arteta:

Fellaini’s brother plays for Leicester.

Penalty to Watford. Fat Deeney scores.

Leicester! Yes!


Spurs. 1 point out of the last 9 available. How’s that power shift going for ya?

You may have to backtrack on this one, Poch


Ehm United…2-3 Watford!

2-2 Newcastle

2-3 Watford

United kill the game off now. 4-2.


Lingard :clap::clap:


Powershift though… :joy:


Suck my balls Pochettino! :smile:


Would be interesting to see where they’d be without Kane…


The NLD rattled them


We’ll know for sure next season




Bernardo Silva still on the bench.

Salah dropped.


I love the fact that it is Moyes v Big Sam in opposite ends than it used to be.


Rooney and Manè score.

Burnley up.

1-0 Rooney

0-1 Manè

2-0 Rooney again. Moyes :arteta:

City still 0-0 at HT :thinking:
1-0 Chelsea. Rudiger.

Here we go. 1-0 City.

Burnley 2-0.

West Ham have just missed a penalty.
Bournemouth pull one back.

Moyes getting a big hammering from Rooney. How comical is it? :mustafi:

1-1 City!

2-0 Salah. He is having an amazing season.

3-0 Salah again.

FFS! 5 minutes of added time for Shitty.
Disallowed for Shitty!
Sterling, the king of the last-minute goals. It’s their season.


They are such lucky cunts.

The luck of champions


Yep, just give them the fucking title.


Fuck that handbag holding running cunt