The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


It’s gonna end like 3-1 to City.


Pawson? More like poor son!


Olympic dive FFS!


Guardiola teams always play like that.


Sanè :cech:
Hold on Huddersfield!
Fucking hell! How lucky could they get? 2-1 Sterling.


That’s annoying.


Need to thrash them at the Emirates FFS!


5 minutes added on.



We aren’t winning the league and if we don’t win it I’d take City winning it every time as we have no rivalry with them.


See my avy :wink:


2-1 FT FFS! They are unstoppable.


People turned the nose up at Sterling LOOOL


Manchester City could easily match or beat our successive league win wins record… :persevere:


I have no problem with Man City winning the PL, as long as they don’t beat our undefeated record.
We aren’t going to win it, so as long as Man U, spurs or Chelsea don’t, then I couldn’t then I don’t mind them doing it…


If City carry on as they are they could be the best team to ever win the PL. You can’t really begrudge that getting a title.


I still don’t like the 18 successive wins in all comps stat, they drew 0-0 in the round of 16 in the league cup, I don’t think a penalty shoot victory should continue a streak.


To be honest, i didn’t even remember that successive league wins record so they can have it. It’s not that important. Though, that’s the kind of thing Spurs would make a DVD about.


Yeh city will be the best ever team to win the PL, of course only until the next check book merchants emerge and they spend 2 billion on a team instead of just 1 billion, cheap bastards.


I remember it as 13 of the 14 came in the last 13 matches of the brilliant finish to the 01/02 season, Freddie went on that golden run.


they won’t go the season unbeaten