The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


So glad we didn’t sign Evans.


2-1 Palace right at the end! Zaha :giroud2:

YES! Well-done WBA!


C’mon draw!


Nice seeing the scum drop more points and knowing one of these two will at least


As expcted, Chelsea are parking the bus and trying to hit Liverpool on counter.


Wow Watford have been amazing this season, would love Silva and Richarlison at Arsenal


Dood Freddy Mercury plays for chelsea, wutttttt???


Being defensive is sensible to be honest, against a strong Liverpool attack. Liverpool are strong at home, only conceded one goal at Anfield in the league this season.


Dull game.
Good save by Mignolet on Hazard. First chance of the game.
Hazard running the show.
Liverpool trying to score like during a rugby game :arteta:
Cahill’s rabona :mustafi:
Chelsea playing this well.


@Luca_from_Italy you are a legend


Cheers mate!


If you can create videos on your own, you can cash in like Arsenalist.


Hazard dribbling is a joy to watch



This is never ending in a draw.


0-0 HT. Chelsea have been slightly better, but it is a fair result in the end.
Looked a dive by Hazard here.
Zappacosta=Freddie Mercury.
Liverpool have started well the second half.
Uh Morata! Should have scored here.
Morata close again.
Great block from Azpilicueta to prevent Sturridge from scoring. End-to-game now.


Salah on fire this season


Here we go. 1-0 Salah.

Bakayoko is so shit.
Liverpool’s defence :bellerin:


Why the fuck did he do the not celebrating thing?! He was there for two minutes and hardly played!!


I’m guessing because of what happened in Egypt.