The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Will Ferrell’s PL predictions. Newcastle to win 10-0 :grin: He must be a big fan.


What makes him think that Burnley and Swansea will draw 5-5?

I think Man U will beat Newcastle and Liverpool should beat Southampton but I’m not sure about Man City v Leicester, that could be a draw, and maybe West Brom might get something against Chelsea.

As for us, it’s hard to predict and we really are under pressure, because if we lose this it means we haven’t beaten a top four team and the balance of power will have gone even further in their direction.

I’ll go for a very close 2-1 win for us, although a draw is more likely and just about acceptable as long as we have a good game.


Fucking barcode! He has Newcastle to win 10-0 and us to lose 1-2 :xhaka:


I’m not entirely sure anyone should be taking Will Ferrell’s predictions quite so seriously lol


Crystal Palace already up against Everton!
1-1 Everton.
Clear read for Kompany.

Leicester doing well atm.
Morata scores again. 1-0 Chelsea.
Mahrez loses the time to shoot here.


Hand in my face as Hazard gets an assist just after I took him out of FPL


Good save by Schmeichel on Silva.
2-0 Hazard. Game over.


And now a goal…


Can you put the entire city team in


Sterling scores…but he only throws himself in the net.
Bournemouth take the lead against Huddersfield.
Wow Burnley! 1-0 up against Swansea.


John Stones’ hamstring has gone.

Title race back on :kos2:


2-0 Bournemouth and 1-0 Liverpool with Salah.


Replaced Hazard with Salah and he’s scored so life’s relatively good again


Palace up again.
3-0 Alonso. Pulis :arteta:
2-0 Burnley. Many goals today.


What a singing Salah has been.


Salah again.
So easy for City. 1-0 Gabriel Jesus.
2-2 Everton.


Manutd gonna win as well aren’t they…


City defo going Invincible I’m afraid




Manchester City are absolutely incredible to watch.